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There is a Creator and He Loves You

There is a Creator, and He Loves You


Ben Hartnett


                  The universe is so complex that there must by logic be a creator. There are two opposing views. One is evolution, and the other is intelligent design. Both require faith. However, it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to intelligent design. However, the purpose of this article is not to prove either one of these belief systems. Though, I believe in intelligent design which means I believe in God. There will be a series of articles I will be writing on intelligent design. However, it won’t be one after the other in article releases as I am writing many other articles. This article will explain God’s love and that he loves you.

                Love is a powerful word. It has so much to it. It can be shallow such as infatuation, or it can be very deep such as the love that a person devotes their life to the person. I prefer to go with the deep terminology of love. I think our love for God is our service and devotion to him through proper motivation. We serve him because we love him, and it makes us happy. When we love God, we devote our lives to make him number one. It also means we have an intimate fellowship with him. Our emotions are full joy which is how it should be.

                But, this article is about God’s love for us. I think this is the proper way to start off. I say this because God first loved us before we loved him. The ultimate act of love God did for all of the humanity was send Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. He suffered and died so that we could be reconciled to God. So that we could have an everlasting relationship. The fact of the matter is God is real. Whether you believe he is or not. He is real. And nothing we can do can change that.

                God by nature is love. He has always been love. What does this mean, though? It means that God wants fellowship with us. An intimate fellowship. He wants to bless us, care for us, be with us, and listen to us. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is the perfect example of God’s love. He is patient with us. He is kind. He delights in the truth. God does not force anyone to have a relationship with him. This is freewill, and that is a wonderful gift.

                God created the universe. Everything. And he loves you. Even when you have doubt about God he still loves you. The most beautiful thing is no matter what you do or say, he will always love you! Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

-This article may be short. But is a simple reminder of God and his love.


Thank you for reading,

Ben Hartnett








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What’s Your Purpose?

What’s Your Purpose?

Ben Hartnett



    Life is short. One day we are here and the next we are somewhere in eternity. Life is meant to be enjoyed. To be savored. That is why we need a purpose. We can end up with a good purpose to live or a bad one depending on our presuppositions. You can have multiple purposes in life. This is a good thing because it gives life more meaning. This article will discuss briefly life’s purpose and how you can find yours.

    First, our most important purpose in life is to serve and love God. He is supposed to be our number one. We need him for everything. When our purpose is rooted in the Word of God, we can know that we have a good purpose. For example, the Bible speaks in Ephesians of husbands loving their wives. That is a purpose. Because our intention is to love. Our objective should be to serve God.

    This leads us to our second purpose which is to love others. We should serve others and bless people. I try to do my best with this one because I am a people person. I love people! I try to find the good in people because I know it exists. Even the worst person in the world can have good in them. I don’t think anyone is utterly depraved (a theological term that means we are completely evil to the core or evil as possibly can be). You can complement someone. You can let a person go ahead of you in line at the store. Sometimes a simple hello to someone makes their day and even a smile!

    The third purpose in life is to love yourself. Jesus said we need to love ourselves as we would love our neighbor. I put this one last because I believe people should be selfless. What does it mean to love yourself? I think it means to accept who we are. I also think it means we find happiness in our values. We value taking care of ourselves so we find happiness in that! We value our talents so we find happiness in that. Ultimately, it is finding happiness in ourselves. It does not mean we become selfish and ignore the needs of others. It simply means we are happy with ourselves and to make sure we do not ignore our needs.

    Now, I think those three should be our main purpose. Meaning, not an optional purpose but a necessary one. I don’t want to sound legalistic. But when we have all three as our life purpose, we will find great happiness in life. I love serving people! I’m also working on loving myself. The reason I say this is because I am a perfectionist, and I struggle with accepting my faults and my mistakes. The following purpose I am going to discuss is about any meaning you want to have for your life as long as it is in agreement with God. I have many purposes. My purpose is to be a good husband, friend, gamer, programmer, scholar, writer, software engineer, and many others.

    Now, the purpose is in the future tense. This means you work to get to that point. I’m working on being a good husband even though I am a good husband I still make mistakes. Working in school to become a software engineer. Working to become a scholar because I love to learn. We approach our purpose through our values. Values are what is important to us. We use those values to take steps toward our purpose.

So, how do you find your purpose in life? I think that it is easy for some people and harder for others. One way to find your purpose to pray about it. See where the Lord guides you. Another way is to write down all the things you enjoy about life. List your values as well. I have provided a link to a website that talks about values. This site also describes how to find your values.

    There is a second definition of purpose. This definition is the reason why something is done. Why do we do things? Our aim in life in this sense should be to love, to enjoy, and to bless! When we have all three in unity, we enjoy life to the fullest! We cannot live without love.

    So, I hope you learned a great deal of practical information. Our purpose grows each day as we get closer to our intention. We aim and strive to do the things we love and enjoy. Follow your passion. Follow God and love him. Life is about living. In all practicality, I don’t think people can 100% reach their purpose because life always changes. This is why it is our aim. Our meaning.


Thank you all for reading,

-Ben Hartnett

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